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Cheap long distance rate to India
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Try our service 100% FREE from your Bell, Rogers, Telus or Videotron home phone.

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Dial 10-10-100 and enjoy cheap long distance rates to India!

  • Only 25¢ for first 15 minutes, then 5¢ each additional minute.
  • Use from your existing Bell, Rogers, Telus and Videotron home phone.
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  • Available in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

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Other great long distance options:

  • Dial #100 from your TELUS mobile with rates as low as 5¢/min. to over 100 destinations
  • Dial 10-10-620 for unlimited calling starting from $1 per call to over 100 destinations

Want to make unlimited calls? Dial 10-10-620 to talk unlimited for as low as $1!

How to call with 10-10-100

Canada, USA & Caribbean:

Dial 10-10-100

+ 1 + Area Code + Phone Number

Other International:

Dial 10-10-100

+ 011 + Country Code +
Area Code + Phone Number

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